Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.



Vigilante AQS™

Third generation, digital air quality monitoring station for underground mines, tunnels and other sub terrain workings with advanced digital communications.

MaestroLinkScreenShot brand


Link Maestro's real time data to any advanced ventilation simulation software or OSIsoft PI data historian.


SuperBrite™ Marquee Display

Mine-hardened, large LED display designed to integrate with any PLC, HMI or SCADA system.


Complete primary or booster fan monitoring system that measures airflow, temperature, pressure, vibration and other key operating parameters over a digital network.

AirScout brand

AirScout™ Flowmeter

Non contact, digital, ultrasonic – transit time – airflow meter for tunnel, drift, duct or fan applications with either analog or digital communications.



Fan vibration monitoring system and diagnostic software package with analog, discrete and digital communications.

DustMon b


A simple and effective system that can monitor the change in dust loading in underground haulage roads and ramps.


Web page configurable and Ethernet based SCADA/remote monitoring, display and control system in a mine hardened enclosure.

EZNode b

EZ Node™

The EZ Node™ wireless adapter provides a simple means of upgrading any Maestro device via tether to a wireless network. UHF or VHF leaky feeder or 802.11 wireless Ethernet can all be accommodated.

EZBase b

EZ Base™

The EZ Base™ is rack mounted chassis that is added to the mine’s leaky feeder head end. The EZ Base™ will communicate bi-directionally with any Maestro device that is installed with an EZ Node™ wireless adapter over the mine’s existing leaky feeder network.

ez gascal b

EZ GasCal™

Gas calibration station for the Vigilante AQS air quality stations allowing smart gas sensors to be calibrated on surface.


EZ DriftCal™

The ideal calibration or ventilation survey tool to provide accurate and repeatable portable airflow measurements in underground mine drifts and tunnels.
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