Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.



The Maestro FanVibe™ vibration monitoring system is ideally suited to measure the amount of vibration on all types of rotating equipment.

This system has been specifically designed to meet the harsh demands of fan applications which require measurement in the X-Y and Z axis.

FanVibe™ not only detects vibration data, but also carries out signal analysis and diagnostics of the fan.

The fan condition is determined and is forwarded to the PLC or to the SCADA software.

Each system comes complete with an OPC server that can be installed on the SCADA or HMI software system for easy and open interface.
FanVibe in use

The FanVibe™ system has an internal trending memory of 30,000 points which allows a detailed analysis and optimization of the application without external data recording. The storage intervals are freely selectable. This means that the storage length of the non-volatile FIFO (First in - First out) memory is optimized for each application.


Client application story

"We have worked with several different vibration monitoring packages during the past 25 years and we are extremely impressed with the Maestro FanVibe system. The Maestro system employs all the latest technology including x-y-z vibration measurement, analog or Ethernet based communications, complete vibration software and OPC software which allows direct integration into a higher level system.

I was involved in a start-up and vibration analysis of a 350 HP booster fan at Quadra FNX Mine which employed this system. Both the client and I were pleased at how simple and quick the installation went. We were also impressed with the amount of real time vibration monitoring and protection that is available with this system.

I would recommend this system to anyone that wants to raise the bar higher with real time vibration monitoring."

Peter Duley


Fan Dynamics Ltd.



FanVibe Model Number Matrix Overview
Model Number Matrix Overview

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