Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.

Calibration Accessories


Every Maestro Air Quality Station requires occasional calibration to provide the most accurate and reliable measurements.

The calibration interval is dependent on the service conditions. Generally speaking, the higher the gas concentration in the working environment or the higher the short term peaks, the more the sensors will need calibration and ultimately need to be replaced.

All of the Vigilante gas sensors are smart and both temperature and pressure compensated. This allows for gas sensor calibration on surface or a centralized location thereby simplifying the procedure.

Maestro provides both calibration gas and calibration equipment to make this procedure easy and painless.

The gas blending capabilities include mixtures produced gravimetrically (primary standard) with analytical accuracies to ±.02% absolute, as well as certified and unanalyzed mixes produced to less stringent tolerances. NIST traceability certification is available and the gases are mixed using an ISO 9002 quality assurance program.

Maestro provides a complete range of cylinder sizes, carrying cases along with regulators to fit any requirements.


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