Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.

SuperBrite™ Marquee Display


The SuperBrite™ Marquee Station Display is a fully mine-hardened, large display designed to integrate with PLC, HMI or SCADA system.

The Marquee uses state-of-the-art Tri-colour LED's arranged in four addressable lines. Each line can be addressed either as a Modbus register or by a Web Page entry. This functionality is done through the Web Page configuration interface and does not require any other software.


Through Modbus registers, the Marquee will display the tag name, tag value and tag units.

The colour along with either character solid state or flashing state can also be initiated by a register value. As an example, this function will allow a change in colour from green to amber in a high level state and a flashing red to signify a high-high level state.

Through the Web Page entry portal, a user can type in text to be displayed on the Marquee.

As an example, a Mine Captain may want to post a text message on the level where the Marquee exists. He or she will simply access the Marquee directly from any PC on the Network via the Marquee's IP address. The text can be directly added to the Web Page interface.

The Marquee also has a single analog, 4-20 mA output signal and three output relays that can be utilized over a Modbus address. These outputs could be used to turn on/off fans, control fan VFD drives, control louver positions or turn on/off external lights or annunciators.

The Marquee is fully fail-safe.

In the event of communication failure, the display will change from the last value to **** to alert to the miner that the mine communication system not working.



Client application story

"This marquee display has many 'plug and play' features I have not seen in other displays. For example, it can be part of an automation solution (e.g Ventilation on Demand), while simultaneously being used as an operations messaging system using the web browser interface.

A welcome and innovative product."

Erik Bartsch

Operations Technology Leader

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The marquee display has an incredible number of uses. It is applicable to any application where you want to present real-time information in a highly visible manner. Operating the unit is incredibly simple and flexible. It is configured through a web browser and can display whatever parameters you need.

Andre Dumais

General Manager