Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.

Plexus PowerNet™

Plexus PowerNet

The first gigabit network providing both data and power using coaxial cable.

Enabling the Digital Mine Starts with Connectivity to the Face.

The Digital Mine is founded on the use of critical data to increase production, reduce costs and enhance worker safety. Most often, underground mines choose fibre optic cable as the means to extend connectivity from the level out to the working areas. In addition a separate power cable is required for the wireless access points.

Fibre presents a number of challenges to the underground mining industry. Terminating fibre underground is difficult, time consuming and requires expensive specialized training, which is frequently, the biggest contributing factor limiting the advance of connectivity. These types of delays inhibit the agility and pace needed to enable the Digital Mine and bring communications to the face.

Identifying the mining industry’s growing demand for real-time data, Maestro Digital Mine works with mining companies around the world to address the challenges associated with traditional communication backbone solutions (broadband and fibre). The Plexus PowerNet™ system quickly extends communications using existing infrastructure to where it is needed.

Plexus PowerNet™ delivers a high speed, low latency digital communication network that provides PoE+ power to Wireless Access Points (WAPs), cameras and any other IP based device. The system eliminates the need for costly outside fiber optic contractors and can be installed and maintained by any internal tradesperson.

Accelerate the time to connectivity by making the complex, simple with the Plexus PowerNet™

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Client application story

"Borden required a durable solution that could bring both data and power to the face of each mine level that is easy to power, install, advance and repair on site. Plexus PowerNet is a proven technology at Borden. It works!

Plexus PowerNet is easy to install, easy to advance and easy to navigate the webpages. All of this can be done by our technicians including any emergency repairs. We are at a critical time in our production schedule and the simplicity of the Plexus PowerNet is working well with the team and will play an important role for monitoring the activity & keeping our workers safe at the face.

Newmont’s Borden Mine continues to expand the Plexus PowerNet on each new level to provide a solid communication network for production."

Patrick Gilbert

Electrical Manager – Borden Mine

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"We have identified underground connectivity as key step in our digitalization journey and learnings suggest that there is no one-size fits all approach due to the uniqueness of each asset. We see Plexus PowerNet™ as a frontrunner for user-friendly, tactical connectivity that provides ruggedized infrastructure that is easily maintained and extended underground. Being able to connect with our fleet and most valued asset, our workforce, provides for a paradigm change in safer and effective mining practices."

Use Case:

Alex Fenn

Head of Technology and Innovation

Sibanye-Stillwater logo

"One of the many advantages of the Plexus PowerNet™ nodes is that they arrive with the durable aluminum plates already pre-drilled and with all the required electrical connection fittings. So, we just bolt it to the wall and go! For example, when you are in a jam at the face, you just go the source of the damage, cut the coaxial cable and put a new section of the rugged coax on with a splice and you are back at it. Back in business! No time delays. For the IT department, the Plexus PowerNet™ delivers a high speed, low latency, low jitter digital communication network."

Michel Samovojski

Technology Coordinator, Canadian North-East District

Newmont logo

"The rugged, extremely durable components of both the Vigilantes and the Plexus can withstand the harsh temperatures and humidity in the area. The fact that the Plexus and the Vigilantes can survive this environment, means that they can probably survive anything! What matters is that the Plexus works!

It’s been over a year and so far, it is working well. It’s doing what it is supposed to do. You got to go with a modern system, but you got to keep it simple for installation and moving it forward for and easy termination. I didn’t get any complaints from the crew doing the termination and that is a good thing!"

Paul Aho

Mine Engineering Technologist

Ventilation Specialist
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Vale - Creighton Mine

"By applying a new technology to an existing platform, “Our entire infrastructure has a new life because of the Plexus. In a mine, fibre has its place. Fibre needs to be secured and well protected, but in high traffic areas where you have scoops and trucks moving around, the durable coaxial cable is the most effective at providing data to the face of the mine. What I realized through this application was that the Plexus PowerNet™ simplifies the problem making it as easy as, core, plug, done! If the cable gets damaged now, the team in-house can splice it and get it back up and running! It’s about immediate in-house repairs. I’m seeing the benefit of the Plexus PowerNet™ in high travelled areas.

Whether it be business, process automation, tracking, tele-remote, analytics, or seismic. If the backbone is there, it can be implemented. Downtime is minimized. Cut, strip connect!"

Steve Mainville

Instrumentation and Automation Technologist

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Vale – Garson Mine

"At MATSA’s Aguas Teñidas and Magdalena mines, we connect using fibre optics throughout the mine. We had drifts in the mine where we needed communications and power (beyond what fibre could provide), but these areas in the mine were too far away from the Ethernet level as well as electric power stations. For this we needed a “Last mile” solution to be able to take power over Ethernet to the devices and connect them for data as well as electric power.

Plexus was an ideal solution and was easy to install by our in-house people. We use the Plexus PowerNet nodes, mainly for SCADA data, access data and communications with SCADA, Wifi VoIP client, communications through VoIP and connection data to our servers, equipment control, supervision, those type of things. We have tablets that are connected to Wifi and send data to SCADA, emails or any other proprietary application that we have.

We continue to have our fiber optic communications channel. We have a ring network with spanning tree of switch (Allied Telesis), connected to fiber optic and in places where we cannot get to with power, we advanced sections of the coaxial cable with Plexus PowerNet nodes."

Jose Antonio Pérez Ponce

Communications Supervisor

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MATSA - Aguas Teñidas and Magdalena