Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.

Vigilante AQS™


The Vigilante AQS™ is a third generation underground mine air quality monitoring station designed with an improved communication platform.

The modular design provides extremely flexible integration to any SCADA, PLC, DCS, PLS or HMI system. Whether it is Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP or RS485 serial based, the Vigilante AQS™ does it with grace and efficiency.


The single point IP address makes this system quick, simple and economical to match to any Ethernet based network.

Simply plug the Vigilante AQS™ into a network switch, configure the settings via the built-in web pages and start measuring. The register maps can easily be paired to most current or legacy monitoring platforms.

  • Modular design provides ultimate user flexibility.
  • Make informed ventilation decisions with real time data.
  • Save time with Maestro EZ Upgrades
  • Easy as PI – integration into historians
  • Direct integration in Ventsim™ LiveVIEW and VUMA3D ventilation modeling software
  • Improve your mine ventilation simulation models
  • EZ Cal gas sensors increase sensor reliability and accuracy
Examine how the Vigilante AQS™ can provide these benefits to your mine today.



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Client application story

"The advantages of using Maestro’s Vigilante AQS in regard to health and safety standards for our people working in the mine are, to tell you the truth, quite huge! The air quality stations give us real-time ample panoramic data of the ventilation conditions in the working headings before our people go into the headings or, in the case when they are already inside a mine refuge. In this case, the Vigilante AQS devices give us a certainty that the miners can leave the mine refuge station due to the fact that we have the gas concentrations data from its exterior in real time. The Vigilante enables our workers to return to the headings safety and quickly"

Eng. Aarón Gallegos Hernández

Information Technologies Advisor

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Minera Roble, S. A. de C. V. (Minas Peñoles) – Velardeña Mine

"I would highly recommend Maestro Digital Mine. When we first purchased the Vigilante AQS - Air Quality Station, we were cautious, but optimistic since it was the first system of its kind (new commercial product to market) to be installed in a Mexican mine. The customer service and support we received to integrate the Vigilante AQS into our existing infrastructure and systems was very good and made the installation process straightforward. All doubts disappeared and the ongoing support given has been great and the equipment working effectively in the harsh underground environment. This device helps to enable that the ventilation system is working properly; monitoring, measuring, and controlling the airflow throughout the mine.

One of the advantages of the Vigilante AQS is safety. Understanding the conditions of the mine before going down is vital to the safety of the workers and increases productivity. For example, the Vigilante AQS communicates in real time to surface and alerts if there is a build-up of carbon monoxide in a level and/or ramp due to the movement of vehicles in high traffic areas. With the Vigilante, the information provided allows for improved decision making on surface and implementation of critical next steps in a timely and efficient manner.

Another advantage, as a result, of the Vigilante AQS is that we were able to cut down the time to go back into the mine after blasting, thus increasing our production rates. We gained an extra hour of production, which amounts to a lot of time and money saved, and you can see this daily in our operations as we extract minerals from the ore body. This is a huge outcome that we have achieved because of integrating Maestro’s Vigilante AQS at Coeur Mexicana."

Ernesto Martinez

Instrumentation Supervisor

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Coeur Mexicana

"The ease of installation is what prompted us to go with this system (Vigilante AQS and Zephyr AQS) over others that are on the market. Maestro listens to our specific needs and builds the product to deliver, saving us time and money! High quality products and service from the Maestro team."

Brian Keen

Ventilation Supervisor

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Vale - Creighton Mine

"We put the Maestro Vigilante AQS unit against some of the competitors and for the cost and functionality, it met our requirements. We were impressed with the unit.

The Vigilante AQS™ is the primary system at Totten Mine and Flores has recommended the system to colleagues within the company. Since 2015, hundreds of Maestro’s Vigilante AQS™ air quality stations are in use at Vale’s underground operations."

Ozzy Flores

Automation Supervisor

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Vale - Totten Mine

"We have a Ventilation Controls System at MATSA’s Aguas Teñidas and Magdalena mines, using Maestro’s ventilation products. We basically have a semi-automatic control of the main fans and a manual control of the auxiliary fans. When I say manual, I mean that there are people in a control zone, controlling those fans. Thanks to using Maestro’s Vigilante AQS – Air quality stations throughout the mine, along with the SuperBrite Marquee Displays and AirScouts, we have achieved energy savings amounting to 20% in respect to the base scenario and right now the Maestro sensors data are providing information to improve in terms of safety and productivity.

We made our first acquisition two years and a half ago and all of those Maestro products are installed and working. The flow AirScouts that we have are technologically more advanced in what we have tested, and we are very happy with them.

Currently, all of our Maestro products are in service! With the devices, we get vital information with SCADA. We can see all the stations and sensors. Right now, the data connected from the Maestro gear helps us with productivity and safety issues. We are very happy with Maestro products and service because, as I have said before, we have obtained 20% in energy savings."

Javier de Miguel Fuentevilla

Mine Ventilation Engineer

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MATSA - Aguas Teñidas, Magdalena and Sotiel